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Get your app to work on any device to increase user coverage

Integrate in days, no DevOps, meet your time to market requirements

JavaScript developers can now deal with AI & high performance

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Web performance

Offer fast loading and responsive web pages to your customers, improving your conversion rate
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AI in Browser

WarpJS makes AI and machine learning algorithms work on every user devices, with only JavaScript code
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Why WarpJS?

The JavaScript limits

JavaScript is single-threaded. When the main thread is busy, event processing is differed which induces a lack of responsiveness for the end user.
Function f is taking too much time, delaying the pink function.

WarpJS pushes the limits

WarpJS offloads for you any JavaScript code execution from the event loop. It is either offloaded locally on a WarpJS Worker, or remotely on a WarpJS Service.
The WarpJS Worker leverages workers to offload the main thread, on JavaScript and Node.js
WarpJS can dynamically offload any JavaScript code to a hosted WarpJS service

What does WarpJS do for you?

WarpJS offloads the event loop to make users happier

Fluid & reactive UI

Code can be offloaded from the event loop locally or remotely to offer a fluid and reactive User Interface. It also becomes more responsive to events.

Shorter loading & response time

Load heavy data, do intense processing right on remote servers to improve loading & response time.

Lighter JavaScript code

Code is offloaded onto a micro-service or Cloud function, allowing browser code reduction. JavaScript loads and parses faster.

WarpJS Service expands your device & browser coverage

Low-end proof

Executed code on remote servers allows users with limited performance devices to access it.
Data loaded on servers avoids charging the memory of the devices to get the right user experience.

Support older browsers & devices

Many older devices or browsers are not compliant with recent JavaScript code or take too long to load.
With Warp Service, you develop features for high-end devices, it will work just as fine on old or deprecated devices.
The offloaded code has to be tested on only one configuration: Node.js.

Implemented in days, deployed instantly

Easy to implement

WarpJS is already compatible with your JavaScript or TypeScript code, you have nothing to refactor: it's not a framework. The API contains only a couple of functions.

Fast to deploy

WarpJS comes with a webpack plugin and scripts to automatize JavaScript browser or server assets. It also provides automatic deployment to our hosted infrastructure (Zero DevOps effort) that can be adapted to yours.


Warp Service takes your web app to the next level

Like Node.js in browser

Get the full power of Node.js right in the browser. Use any Node.js module or cloud API to extend the features of your app.

Push your web app limits

Enter new unconquered worlds: AI, data computation, data manipulation with JavaScript in Browsers. Create unprecedented features.

Meet the team

WarpJS is powered by ScaleDynamics, a French Startup, and our 15 experts are devoted to accelerate the web for a better user experience. Created and funded in 2018, the company is born global.

Our founder, Gilbert, and part of our team, previously accelerated Android and his company was bought by Google. He worked there with some of our experts for 7 years.

We have strong track records in optimizing compilers and runtimes for performance. Meet the full team!

If you would like to co-innovate with us, let's do a Proof Of Concept to determine the efficiency of WarpJS in your context.