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MongoDB server requested right from the front-end side with WarpJS, JavaScript Serverless.

from scratch to live in minutes.

From code to serverless in minutes

Streamlined development

Instant deployment

You develop your GUI and your backend functions in the same project with no API call nor serialization. You just warp call your functions.

At development time, the warped functions are injected in the local serverless emulator, allowing a live reload whether you updated the front or backend code.

Above anything else, WarpJS is a serverless platform you can deploy to with one command line. Your frontend assets are also hosted: you don't worry about any cloud configuration.

The WarpJS compiler moves the backend from the frontend codebase to deploy it on the WarpJS serverless platform.

WarpJS is a function-as-a-service platform providing a unique backend/frontend integration feature: no backend project, you declare your backend functions in the frontend project. It runs on top of serverless providers: AWS lambda, GCP functions or Azure functions.

You do:

  • code the the GUI
  • "warp call" your backend functions

You don't:

  • serialize, HTTP call, deserialize
  • manage the backend/frontend errors integration


You do:

  • code the server logic in the frontend project
  • still get the best of any npm Javascript/Node.js module

You don't:

  • create a backend project
  • setup the API server
  • code and route the HTTP endpoints


You do:

  • Ctrl+S to save your fullstack project
  • launch just once a live reload session:

$ npm start

You don't:

  • build frontend and backend project
  • wait no more to get it done


You do:

  • nothing (live reload)
You'll save so much time you'll forget how it was to jungle between backend and frontend projects

You don't:

  • need to deploy on the cloud to test your serverless functions
  • setup a server, WarpJS comes with a pre-configured Node.js
  • (re)launch the server


You do:

  • select your prefered cloud provider (AWS, GCP or Azure) and region
  • build and deploy at once

$ npm run deploy

You don't:

  • want the server-side code in the client code: the WarpJS compiler removes it all for you
  • need to secure your API: WarpJS does it by design

build for the cloud

You do:

  • nothing else, it's live!
  • enjoy your free serverless credits

You don't:

  • configure your domain
  • manage your cloud credentials
  • provision any function in a serverless console
  • send a .tar to your serverless provider


Development lifecycle minification

A warp zone to develop & deploy

6 minutes

2 minutes

Build and deploy an API(s) Proxy

Integrate Stripe.js API in browser

3 minutes

List products from MongoDB and deploy


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Test your serverless functions local with an embedded Node.js serverless emulator

Live reload any changes to test and debug in seconds

Fastest iterations with one fullstack project

WarpJS serverless comes with a set a features to make your developer life easy to develop, test and deploy your projects serverless: check it all in our features page.

Instant deployment on the cloud

Scale as much as you want with WarpJS Functions-as-a-Service, there's no limit

Private cloud or on-premise deployments are supported with the Enterprise plan

Seamlessly integrates into your stack

With support of all npm Node.js modules WarpJS works out of the box for almost all JavaScript back end stacks from API to proxies/gateway.

It took us 22 months to build our new dynamic compiler technology. It gives new power to JavaScript developers. It is a revolution for JavaScript serverless.

Dive into the engine

Our founder previously optimized the Android JVM within FlexyCore, acquired by Google in 2011.

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WarpJS is currently being tested by a wide community of developers. You need to get a link from a member with an active account. If you don't know any member, please explain us why you would like to be part of the beta program.

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