WarpJS Service
Better agility and time to market

Create your server API directly from the browser or your Node.js code in one line

Develop instantly, build and deploy transparently on any infrastructure

Increase your JS coverage on limited devices and use server power to get better response time

How it works

JavaScript code is executed in one main thread also called the event loop. WarpJS service provides a way to run JavaScript code remotely on any infrastructure outside the event loop very easily using WarpJS API

Run a function in the event loop

The JavaScript function f is running in the event loop.

Run a function remotely on an infrastructure

The JavaScript function f has been offloaded to a WarpJS Service, on a remote infrastructure.

WarpJS service webpack plugin automatizes the build for development and production flavor. WarpJS service manages the server deployment on any infrastructure

With WarpJS service you can preload any Node.js module on servers so you can extend your server APIs with existing or custom Node.js modules or access cloud APIs right in your JS code

Building an app

WarpJS service runtime manages the execution of the warped functions remotely. No need to create them manually or take care of parameter passing, WarpJS service does all this for you automatically.

To use WarpJS service, you need to build your Node.js script with our Warp webpack plugin. Our plugin will create all the JavaScript assets for the browser or Node.js client, and the modules including the warp-service runtime ready to deploy either for development or optimized production build.

You can also specify to our plugin additional modules you would like to preload on the server.

At last we automatically deploy the server assets to an infrastructure. Everything is managed.

Webpack schema

Develop instantly with Instant Run

WarpJS service provides an Instant Run feature that avoids to build all final assets, taking advantage of JavaScript dynamic code injection. With Instant Run you enter a new world in development where you can define and work your server APIs directly from your browser or your Node.js app with a ZERO deployment time.

Just Edit your code, Save, Build and run. That's it!

Get the best of JS, Node.js and Cloud APIs

The Node.js code can use state-of-the-art JS. By preloading any Node.js module on your server, you can access the fantastic Node.js module world or cloud provider APIs to get the best performance for your web pages or your webapp or your Node.js app, and create amazing features.

// The Warp build config required to get the ‘mongodb’
// module preloaded on server. With warpJS you can
// then use warp.node.db to access mongodb directly in
// your browser

// function to warp
getInventory(height, width, cb) {
  // access mongodb
  let res = warp.node.db.collection('inventory')
      size: { h: height, w: width }


Keep your API secret, minimizing your browser JS code more

During the production build, the Warp webpack plugin deletes the code to be run on server, minimizing the asset of your web service, transferring the code to the server module asset, replacing the function call with an ID.

Thanks to this feature, your APIs stay secret and are not viewed in browser. Moreover, by removing the code, the code asset to load in the browser is reduced, which reduces loading time and JavaScript parsing time

function getInventory(height, width, cb) {
  let res = warp.node.db.collection('inventory')
      size: { h: height, w: width }

warp.call(getInventory, 14, 21, (d) => {
  // ...


warp.call("0x432_321", 14, 21, (d) => {
  // ...

Use our hosted infrastructure or your own

Our WarpJS service runtime can be deployed in dockers or functions and our deployment scripts can be customized easily. So WarpJS can be used on top of any infrastructure, from serverless ones, Kubernetes or bare machines.

In case you don't have DevOps skills, we provide you a WarpJS Service ready to use hosted infrastructure built on top of a cloud provider one that brings you all the benefits of our product in one click in your account. Our billing plans are based on usage, and you'll get free credits to try without cost our end2end solution.

Use cases for browsers and webapps

Machine learning from browser

To do machine learning. Indicate to preload your Node.js machine learning engine (TensorFlow.js, Keras.js...) and use it directly from your browser to do remote inferences. No loading time on browsers, fast inferences. Define yourself your ML usage.

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Wider browser support

By executing browser code on servers, increase the coverage of your app to limited capacity devices or out-of-date devices on which your JS code breaks. By loading data on the server instead of the device, reduce the memory footprint of your app to offer a better user experience.

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Better browser user experience

By executing browser code on servers, increase the response time of your web site or web app by running faster using the processing power of servers and loading faster using the high connectivity of servers.

Define a proxy from your browser

Not satisfied by the current API of your servers? Define by yourself your own proxy to get the API you need based on the existing server and take the control of your APIs right from the browser.

Be ready for edge processing

WarpJS service opens the area of edge processing by using processing at edge from cloud providers, or by deploying servers in your devices at home, or in the internet infrastructure. Reduce the latency of your app and get better response time.

Use cases for Node.js

Node.js batch scripts

Use the Warp API to remotely execute batch scripts, in production or for your development (database work, log analysis, json filtering, computing stuff...), to speed up your productivity.

Use warp.call to create your microservices

Create your own microservices on one monolythic code. Instead of creating your web services, focus on the split of your micro services directly in your code. Change overtime easily according to your needs and win time to market.

Be ready for edge processing/IoT

Thanks to node-red and its WarpJS-service support, extend your IoT capacities easily and enter the area of edge processing. Reduce the latency of your app and get better response time.

Getting started in 5 steps


Open an account


Download our build template and open a JS file


Import the warp module


Use warp.call on a function


Build, run, deploy. Use it!

Easy Integration

WarpJS API can be applied very easily on any JavaScript codebase.


WarpJS API is available for browsers and Node.js. The warp-service runtime is qualified on a majority of Node.js versions and can be used on on-premises servers, dockers or JavaScript service functions


A Visual Studio Code extension eases the use of WarpJS API in your projects. Our webpack plugin automatizes the build of your development or production asset, ready to deploy.

Instant Run and auto deployment

Develop instantly with Instant Run, deploy automatically and get your new app in production to get the fastest time to market for your project

Availability and pricing

Product launch is scheduled December 1.

Our pricing plan is based on warp call usage. Pay only when you use WarpJS. Public pricing available on December 1.

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Meet the team

WarpJS is powered by ScaleDynamics, a French Startup, and our 15 experts are devoted to accelerate the web for a better user experience. Created and funded in 2018, the company is born global.

Our founder, Gilbert, and part of our team, previously accelerated Android and his company was bought by Google. He worked there with some of our experts for 7 years.

We have strong track records in optimizing compilers and runtimes for performance. Meet the full team!

If you would like to co-innovate with us, let's do a Proof Of Concept to determine the efficiency of WarpJS in your context.