WarpJS: A new Javascript acceleration technology

Known as one of the founding languages of Internet and used to build web pages and servers, JavaScript is based on a single-threaded architecture that leads to reactivity loss and performance issues.

WarpJS technology removes that limitation by enabling the execution of JavaScript functions in multiple warp threads.

WarpJS opens new areas for JavaScript, discover below how it works!

WarpJS allows you to create additional threads for JavaScript

WarpJS explained in 1 minute

Introduction to Warp (60s)
Improved Event Loop Reactivity (60s)

Core technology and API

At the core level, WarpJS is a JavaScript dynamic compiler and provides a simple API to run any JavaScript function outside the event loop in warp threads.

From... myFunc(arg1, ..., callback);

...to warp.call(myFunc, arg1, ..., callback);

In order to create Warp threads, WarpJS picks the most suitable implementation: web workers on browsers, child processes or worker threads on Node.js (depending on the release).

Unlike workers, you don't need to code the initialization nor the communication with the threads. WarpJS automatically deals with the synchronization of variables (object sharing, scopes, parameters...).

Finally, the load balancing of the threads is taken care of. WarpJS detects the available CPUs to optimize the execution.

Check out the WarpJS API

Discover the Warp API on npm

How it works

When you warp call a function, the execution context (i.e. everything reachable from the function scope) is captured. This context and the warped function are then sent to a distinct and parallel warp thread (A).

Once the warp task is finished, the parallel context is captured and sent back to the main JavaScript thread (B) to update the Main thread context.

A Warp call creates a warp thread where you can execute your fonction

Easy Integration

WarpJS API can be applied very easily on any JavaScript codebase. Boost the performance of your exisiting projects quickly.


WarpJS is written in JavaScript and is available on any JavaScript platform: browsers, Node.js servers or JavaScript serverless functions (like AWS Lambda...)


We provide a Visual Studio Code extension to use WarpJS API easily in your projects. We also provide you a webpack plugin to develop, test and get the production version of your app ready.

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